Discover Her Heart

“My hope is that this tool will assist you in discovering (or rediscovering) your wife in ways that will keep your marriage strong and vital forever.”

– Jay Stott, Author of “My Wife”

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About the Book

The busyness of life often leaves little time or energy to focus on developing a marriage, but a marriage neglected will cause “ever after” to not be too happy.

My Wife is written to assist men as they discover or rediscover their wife’s heart. It’s not a book to start and then not finish. It’s a journal, a guide through the challenge and joy of discovery. There are questions in several categories to serve as prompters for discussion. The questions range from: “What is my wife’s favorite color?” to, “What are her hopes and dreams?”. In addition there is space in the back of the journal for you to come up with your own questions. The key is in the follow through, and you will find it is worth the effort.


My wife’s words echoed in my head… “I shouldn’t have to tell you. You should be able to figure it out!”

It was clear that I wasn’t getting “it” – whatever “it” was supposed to be. My wife was sending me what she thought was a clear message. But what she was saying, and what I was hearing were on entirely different wave lengths. She wanted to be figured out. I wanted to fix something. She wanted to be pursued. I wanted to go work in the garage.


Excerpts from the Book


Reader Comments – What Men are Saying about the Book

“The My Wife Journal is a very simple and easy to use tool that can help men get to know their wife’s heart. It is a great resource for the guy who is serious about meeting one of his wife’s deepest needs.”
– Robert Lewis, Men’s Fraternity Author and Founder

“This is just what I need. This is a great tool for me to use to reconnect with my wife—this will help us get back on track. Thanks for developing a tool I can get my arms around.”
– Guy Choiniere–Vermont

“I have been married for 24 years and have a terrific marriage. The MY WIFE journal has added a wonderful boost and allowed our relationship to go even deeper. I know my wife better than ever and I am confident she feels more loved than ever. MY WIFE is a terrific book for the healthy and the struggling marriage. My own marriage has been greatly blessed and I have bought 20 copies for friends.”
– Kenny Goetze, Raleigh NC

“I now see my wife in an entirely different light. She is a little girl, with blond hair in a pony tail, riding her new bike (favorite gift ever) with bright blue eyes full of hope and dreams. I feel a renewed sense of endearment and responsibility.”
– Fielding Miller, Raleigh, NC

About the Author

Jay Stott is the Executive Director of With Purpose International, which is an organization that helps others live With Purpose through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

With a B.S. in Business Administration and after a decade of work in the financial industry, Jay transitioned to providing leadership development training for management teams and entrepreneurs in the North Carolina Triangle area. Jay speaks locally, nationally and internationally to groups on topics that relate to life, work and faith.

Jay and his wife Kristi have been married for 30 years and have four children.

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